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“I absolutely noticed the difference in my mood if I missed a dose (I used to take 2 in the morning and 2 before bed). If I missed my morning dose, I would get tired and very irritable. I also think it benefitted my daughter's and my breastfeeding journey greatly.

-J. Rubinger

I had terrible depression after my first baby, so for my second I tried the capsules. What a difference! I want every woman to know about this.”

-G. Treopaldo

“2 months after delivery I went back to work. I got stressed and my milk got watery. [My baby] hated the taste of the milk, so I would take 3 capsules at a time and a day later my milk was creamy and he was happy again.”

-D. Thornton

I had my placenta encapsulated after my second baby, and I had such a different postpartum experience, no anxiety, no baby blues, less bleeding and a more abundant milk supply!! I still have some in my freezer one year later, and I take them on my “off” days… my husband has been know to pop a few on days he feels “PMS-y” also!! Such a wonderful experience!

-Kate, mom of 2 and a Doula

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